Water Heaters: What Varieties Are There?

Each resident of an apartment building suffers from a planned and unscheduled shutdown of hot water. At best, it is necessary to heat the water in a pan or kettle for a couple of days, but what to do when the technical work lasts more than a week or even a month? And what if you live in your home, where there is no centralized hot water supply? In this problem, your water heater will be your great helper. But do not rush to run to the store and take the first product that comes to hand, it is necessary to begin to understand what types of water heaters are there, and what is it worth buying for you.

Features of a storage water heater

A storage water heater, also called a boiler, is a larger device than a “protector.” Here the water is heated using steam or water heat exchanger.

The storage water heater will be an ideal assistant for a large family, as well as in factories and enterprises. There are separate models of this type of device capable of storing up to 500 liters of water, and thanks to the particular material from which the housing is made, the temperature of the liquid does not cool down for a long time.

The storage devices are also gas and electric.

Gas-fired heaters are perfect for a private home. They consume gas much less than running water heaters, so they are economical. Devices differ in their stability and ability to work even with poor-quality water. Modern water heaters are equipped with all the necessary sensors to ensure the safe use of the device.